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 Roleplaying tips and how-to roleplay

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PostSubject: Roleplaying tips and how-to roleplay   Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:20 am

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First thing is first, you may be asking: What is roleplay? Roleplay is creating another character, or your character in the game, making their personality and history, then playing there life in the Star Wars Universe. But there are lots of rules about roleplay, so continue to read on!

Being in character is usually needed when in the guild, (unless you're leveling up of course) Being in character means you are playing your character in this phase, and everyone knows you are playing as that character, thus you must act as your character would. For example, if I was a jerk I would push someone down. If my character was helpful, he'd help that person up. Different personalities, you see? One last thing is important is, the initials for In-Character is iC.

Out of Character
OOC (out of character) is a serious thing when roleplaying. This means you are not iC, or not roleplaying. Because we use the guild chat for roleplay, you must remember to /cjoin Eotcooc. This is our OOC channel, where we discuss roleplay, talk about leveling, etc. It's mainly for who ever isn't in the mood to roleplay, but try not to be OOC all the time.

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Roleplaying tips and how-to roleplay
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